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Hey, welcome! I’m glad you dropped by for a visit. There’s a lot of things to talk about and discuss about this one particular portion of the lengthy story of Playing the Guitar. Just remember that it’s your story – no one else’s – just as the ideas, opinions, personal experiences, tips, tricks, workarounds and solutions are my part of the story. Each separate and unique, but each as valid as any other. There’ll be conflicts of opinion, procedure and theory – as there would be with separate views of any object or idea – but this is the place to share, compare, discuss.


I began an association with music back in the early 1960s – like real early; maybe in the 1st or 2nd grade (US school system). It was playing the harmonica at a summer camp type place. But as soon as that summer was over, it was forgotten about. When music in general, and guitar in particular began to interest me in the 1970s, I had no recollection of that one summer of harmonica playing, until I found the thing still in its little cardboard box, resting at the bottom of a chest of old toys.

What surprised me more was the fact that there was included a small sheet of music – standard notation – that I suddenly recalled I had been able to read with no problem. This was astonishing for me because I was then struggling to get into reading standard notation (no tabs were available because, well, no internet back then), and realized that I had already done it, naturally and with no question, years earlier. There then followed years of trying to return to that simple, natural acceptance and understanding of music, a few more years of trying to delve into its complexities and theories while attending the music college of local university, and then finally putting all those theories and work to use in various commercial bands and combos and other musical groupings.

But like I said, your road through the landscape of Music is your own. It can get a tad frustrating and dreary at times, and more times than not you’ll be traveling alone, but…maybe, like they say in books, it’s not the destination that’s important; it’s the bus-ride there.


Sometimes as I’ve said above, Music can be a pretty harsh and ungiving journey. Learning, practicing, playing – there’s no one else who can do it for you, to cause you to become proficient, to bring out your talent, or make you a success. That is ultimately all on you.

And that can get pretty lonely at times.

That’s why I created this little stop over, for those of you – of us – who need a little break from the trudgery of scales and chord progressions, of being downcast and feeling defeated and blocked no matter what you do. Perhaps something mentioned here will switch on a light bulb somewhere, give another perspective or make you rethink. Exchange of ideas is not always available in the real world, the physical world, but maybe here….


This is a gathering place, a place where the scattered leaves of thoughts and ideas and hopes and frustrations might finally settle – if only for long enough to see clearly again. If anything suggested or discussed or revealed is of any help to any one of my fellow musicians (not only related to the guitar, which is a tiny part of the overall realm of Music), then…fantastic.

If you ever need a hand with something or have any questions, feel free to leave them below. We may not come up with anything, but we’ll sure give it our best shot!

Best regards,


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